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Lancashire Volunteer Partnership

Lancashire Volunteer Partnership


Lancashire Volunteer Partnership

The Lancashire Volunteer Partnership or LVP is the volunteering arm of Lancashire County Council. It's role is to encourage more people to muck in and help out in their neighbourhood, be that helping the elderly, working alongside the Police and Fire department or generally just taking care of the countryside.

My role in the project covered the UX/UI of the website, creating the brand, campaign ideation, graphic design and print artworking.

The website was a huge focus for this project, it had to ensure that it was easy as possible for people of all ages to sign up to be a volunteer. In the past if you wanted to volunteer for the Police, your local council and say a library you would have to sign up via three separate channels, which meant entering your details separately every time. This approach caused confusion amongst users and was the first problem that needed to be solved. Our solution was to unify all volunteering channels under one system, making it easy for a user to browse and sign up to a role seamlessly across all the various channels. If someone has decided that they would like to muck in and volunteer then the website needed to be as friction less as possible.

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The program also needed a symbol that people would be proud to represent. The logo is a play on the Lancashire rose made up of hands 'mucking in' as it were.   



In order to get the program off to the best possible start we launched it with a county wide campaign. The concept behind the campaign was to empower the volunteers and to present them as heroes that they themselves don't necessarily see themselves as even though everyone else does. We also utilised the local colloquial turn of phrase 'Champion' as our hook and as a means of representing the very northern aspect of the campaign.


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