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CBBC: Junior Vets: On Call

Junior Vets: On Call


Junior Vets: On Call

Sequel to the highly successful Junior Vets: Surgery, Junior Vets: On Call is a mobile first isometric childrens game developed for CBBC that accompanies the Junior Vets television series.

Step into the shoes of an on call vet where you're tasked with supplying medicine to poorly lions at the zoo, helping cats in the grounds of a haunted house, rounding up horses on the farm and generally helping out at the animal show. 

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Because Junior Vets is aimed at a younger audience of 6–12 year olds the UI had to be fun and friendly whilst also understandable and more importantly usable across mobile/tablet and desktop. We worked within the guidelines of the BBC's GEL (Global Experience Language) guidelines to ensure everything conformed to their and our user experience needs.



The game was designed to sit along an existing TV series that already has a strong sense of identity, we wanted to imbue the shows sense of fun and outdoor exploration into the design of the UI, a bold bright yellow keeps the UI fun for the younger audience and adding depth to the buttons and timers helps the younger audience with affordance, adding leaves to the various assets helps to reinforce the outside nature of the game.

A suite of characters was also required, the style of these was led by a need for the characters to be translated to 3D models, with the colourways taken directly from the TV show. Sitting alongside all of this was a collection of contextual and informational icons.

My role in the project was split between UI/UX and illustration.