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First Steps


First Steps

First Steps is a mobile first learning resource built to help potential adopters  improve their state of adoption readiness through the use of case studies and exercises. First Steps is the UK's first learning platform for the national adoption service, the site has been a huge success commercially with over 2000 potential adopters taking part and has also gone on to win best 'Not for profit' award at the Big Chip awards.

My role in the project covered creating the website, illustration and the identity.


We wanted First Steps to be consumable whether the user is on the train or sat at home, we recorded podcasts which we chose to host on Soundcloud so that the user could access them from any device giving them access to the content regardless of there situation, after the user has listened to the audio and read the copy they are then presented with a multiple choice Q&A widget testing them on what they have learnt.



Because First Steps was part of First4Adoption we had to stick to existing brand colourways, the purples and pinks were used for the navigation/contact information with the muted palette kept back for the copy. 

The site also required a suite of editorial illustrations  to compliment the different topics, again these were created with the brand guidelines in mind and leant heavily on the existing colourways, they've given the site a more friendly appearance which stock photography might not have achieved.

Once all of the different elements started to come together we found that the logo pretty much designed itself, our job was to just ensure that it represented the straightforward direction that we were targeting.

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